La vida entre mareas: vegetales y animales de las costas de Mar del Plata, Argentina

Boschi, Enrique E.; Cousseau, María B. (Editores).
Mar del Plata : INIDEP, 2004.
383 p. ISBN 987-20245-6-1. (Publicaciones Especiales INIDEP). Ver índice


Life between tides: plants and animals of the Mar del Plata coasts, Argentina. Animal and plant (macroalgae) organisms living in the intertidal area along the coasts of Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires province, Argentina) are the focus of this book, mainly those found in the narrow band that is revealed between high and low tides. In the first chapters, the coastal geological characteristics and the ocean conditions along the shore are described. Also, tide pools and biological foulings are discussed, followed by the main invertebrate groups, the intertidal fish fauna, the marine birds that live close to the beaches, as well as seals and sea lions. Several annexes refer to the collection and mounting of marine organisms and the maintainance of a marine water aquarium. Finally, a list of scientific names with upper level hierarchies, a glossary and a thematic index are included.